Covid-19 Packing + Safety

  • As you know we are not a physical store our items can be ordered and purchased online.
  • All purchased via a third party and resold to you. 
  • Every person coming in contact with our items from the time we receive them to the time they are shipped out to you wear mask and gloves.
  • Every surface is cleaned and disinfected before items are place on it too packed and shipped out to you for your safety.
  • Every item is inspected to ensure it is not defected upon it arrival to our facility and inspected once again before it leave our facility to ensure it arrives at your home in the most pristine condition possible.  
  • Please understand that we do not personally deliver your item we utilize the USPS to ship your purchase to you therefore, we are not responsible for your package once it is place in their (USPS) hands.  We will provide you with a tracking number for you to track your item all the way to your door.
  • If for some reason you items arrive damaged, lost or stolen it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact the USPS with your tracking number for them to rectify the issue.