Hi my name is Hope and I’m such a girly girl and always loved jewelry. I've always purchased jewelry from several stores especially diamonds, they really are a girls best friend. I began my journey with Paparazzi Accessories, as an Independent Consultant in September 2018.  My big thing is earrings!  I LOVE earrings they really bring out your face.  I don't go anywhere without a pair of earrings on.  I love them and I don't care how big or small they are, whatever size they are I have to have them on!  Don't get me wrong I love all jewelry and how it makes people feel and look but earrings are my favorite piece to wear. 
The best thing about Paparazzi Accessories is anyone can afforded the jewelry.  I love that children are able to buy their favorite teacher a beautiful piece of jewelry for their birthday or just because with their allowance, someone living on a fix income can afford to get their grand baby some cute pieces we cater to everyone and our jewelry doesn't look inexpensive.  I love to see the smile on my customer faces who never feel beautiful but when they put my jewelry their faces light this jewelry helps build up their self-esteem.  My customers call me and tell me they're husband said they're glowing today it's exciting. They get stopped at the grocery stores, work, etc. and asked where they got that necklace or those earrings, this business is so exciting!  I'm changing lives one piece of jewelry at a time and I love it!!!!
I know that this is not just about making money it's so much more so much bigger. I’m helping woman and men, I’m saving, lives, I’m saving families, and I’m loving what I do. Paparazzi Accessories has brought so much joy to my life I can’t even explain how happy this company has made me feel in the short time I’ve been involved.  The connections I’ve made with my customers and my other Papa sisters and brothers is so overwhelming I wish everyone in the world could feel this love.
If you're ready to experience the joy I'm experiencing since becoming a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant CLICK here and get started.  Trust me you won't regret it.

Established in 2018, Hope's Jewelry Den is a cost-competitive jewelry company for those who love fabulous jewelry but can appreciate budget friendly prices.  As one who has a passion for unique jewelry and having eczema, I personally picked a collection that I would wear without worry.  So much is going on in todays world, we tend to forget the things that brings us joy & make us smile.  How a small token of affection or a gift to ourselves can brighten our day.  Hope's Jewelry Den offers jewelry in our collection to do just that.  Our motto is...